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    You prepare for the unexpected by buying insurance, which gives you peace of mind and protection. Another step you can take to prepare is to download and print our convenient checklists.

    Some Helpful Home Inventory Tips:

    • Complete room-by-room inventory, looking under beds in closets and the attic
    • Include the value or items along with any serial numbers
    • Consider etching your driver’s license number on objects without serial numbers
    • Use photos or video of every room to record smaller details and items not on the list
    • Store this checklist in a secure location outside of your home along with any receipts, warranties and photocopies of important documents
    • Add up the totals to determine whether your current coverage is adequate or not

    Home Inventory Checklist

    Car Accident Checklist

    Hopefully you will never need this checklist, but in the event of an accident it might come in handy. Keeping a copy in your glove compartment will allow you to collect all necessary information at the time of the accident.