• Customizing Your Auto Insurance

    Author: Frank Rivet


    Customizing Your Auto Insurance

    Customizing Your Auto Insurance

    Due to the recent changes to auto insurance in Ontario as discussed in our last blog, it’s the right time to reassess the policy you haven’t thought about in years. Your insurance company has probably sent you an update in the mail, and we’re here to follow up with a conversation about your needs. Read […]
    Changes to Ontario Auto Insurance

    Changes to Ontario Auto Insurance

    You may have received an awareness mailer from your Insurance Company this month advising you of changes to your Auto Insurance that are coming in to effect this June. What are these changes all about? Let us explain… Auto insurance in Ontario is changing. In 2014, the provincial government passed the Fighting Fraud and Reducing […]

    The Risk of Ride-Sharing Apps – Safe Rides, Safer Future

    The transportation industry is building its digital foundations on ride sharing apps. Instead of waiting for a public transport, the people are easing their lives and saving their time by picking the lowest rates, selecting the services, choosing the best suited directions for long distances, and earning all other benefits of ride sharing apps. The […]

    Finding the Right Recreational Trailer Insurance

    Whether you are traveling to the scenic river of Stratford, to the beautiful oasis of Pelee Island or to the historic region of Chatham-Kent, it is important to be adequately prepared with the right recreational trailer insurance. Determining which travel trailer insurance or motorhome insurance is right for you depends on the type of recreational […]

    Peace of Mind with Cottage Insurance

    The thing that many people look for in a summer vacation is a home away from home. A cottage provides more privacy and space, but also a greater risk of disaster. The replacement and repair costs following an unforeseen devastation, such as a fire or theft, can be enough to put you in financial ruin […]